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Admin Control Panel

Logging In
Setting up your league
Adding Real Players (footballers) and Teams
Entering Scores
Manage Users
Manage Invoices
Sending Emails
Manually Advance Week
End Season

User Control Panel

Joining the game
Logging in
Edit your details
Selecting and activating your team
Making transfers
Player Statistics

Overview (top)

Kiosk2's Fantasy Soccer Web script will allow you to run your own Fantasy Football League.

The idea of the game is for members to join as managers and with a budget that you determine, they can pick a team of 11 real life players from a list that you have chosen and valued. Once real life games have passed you enter scores for these players based on goals scored, goals conceded, red cards, yellow cards etc. The managers that have those players in their teams will gain and lose points accordingly. The league is then updated depending on the managers' teams' points accrued.

Managers have the option, again determined by you, to make a number of transfers over the course of the season.

Features (top)

Installation (top)

As this version is a hosted solution, installation is covered within your purchase price. When a new version for other web servers is available, a full installation guide will be included here.

Admin Control Panel (top)

Logging in (top)

To log in to your site, click on "Log In" at the top right of the menu. The default user name and password are admin/demopass.

Setting up your league (top)

Once you have logged in as the main admin, go to "Edit personal details" on the right hand menu. You can change your own settings in this section as follows:

  1. Login - You can change your admin log in name from here.
  2. Password - You can change your admin password here (recommended).
  3. E-mail, First Name, Last Name and Phone No - Obvious what these are. Set your main contact email address here.
  4. Your League Name - This is the name of your league.
  5. Start balance for managers - This sets the starting balance in millions for managers in the main Public League. For example, if you want to set it to £65 million just enter 65.
  6. Once you are happy with these settings click on "Update"

Next click on "Manage Game Settings". From this menu you can set up further options for the game.

  1. Is cup used in current season - If you want to run a concurrent Cup league for your players set this to "Y". When this option is selected, all teams will go in to a separate cup league. Please note that you will have to enter cup scores separately to the main league scores.
  2. Is now game running - If you want to start your league straight away and allow managers to join set this to "Y".
  3. Name of current game - Set this for the name of your Public League's current season, ie Premiership 2006 etc.
  4. Save changes when you are happy.

Next click on Manage System Settings. From here you can set the following:

  1. Amount of transfers for a season - This determines the number of transfers allowed for ALL Public and Mini League teams during the season.
  2. Amount of transfers for a week - This determines the number of transfers allowed each week for ALL Public and Mini League teams, up to the maximum above. For example, you can set the total for the season at 24 transfers but no more than 3 per week in which case you set it to 24 and 3 or set it at 15 transfers for the season with no weekly limit which would be 15 and 15 in these boxes.
  3. Autoactivate Free Managers - Set this to "Yes" for all Mini League managers to be auto activated (recommended).
  4. Autoactivate Free Subadmins - Set this to "Yes" for all Free Mini League admins to be auto activated (recommended).
  5. Autoactivate Paid Managers - Set this to "Yes" if you want all Public League managers to be auto activated. If your Public League is free to join set this to "Yes", if you are charging to join the Public League then setting this to "No" will mean that members will either have to PAY to activate their account via PayPal or you as admin can manulally activate it, for example if they send you a cheque etc.
  6. Autoactivate Paid Subadmins - Set this to "No" and if a Mini League adminstrator either chooses the Paid Mini League option or upgrades to a Paid League, they will have to pay to activate it. Again, these can be activated manually by you when logged in as the main site admin.
  7. Cost for joining to main league - The cost for joining the main Public League. Enter just the numbbers here, ie 5.00. If it is free to join enter 0.00.
  8. Cost for Paid Subadmin registration - The cost for creating a Paid Mini League ie 9.99.
  9. Cost for upgrading Free mini league to Paid one - The cost for upgrading from a Free Mini League to a Paid one.
  10. Currency - The default currency for all payments. GBP, USD or EUR.
  11. Default player's status - When this is set to "Active", all footballers added to the system will be come immediately available, if set to passive they can be entered on to the system but not available to managers until activated.
  12. Email for all registration reports etc. - Set the email address you want to receive notification of all registrations to.
  13. Num rows to show in admin - This sets the amount of footballers etc you can view on one page once logged in as admin.
  14. PayPal E-mail for reciever. - Your PayPal email address for payments.
  15. PayPal URL - Important - Leave this set as it is:
  16. Start day of season - If you are in a mid season break, set this date for the start of the new game. Please set this to the date that managers can start registering and selecting their teams, NOT the date of the first game.

The next option down on the right hand menu is "Manage Menus". You can edit and add extra menu options from here, for example a live scores\site or a Physio Room site, even a forum etc if you have one set up. These menu options are viewable to all, even when not logged in and open in the same window.

Adding Real Players (footballers) and Teams (top)

First of all you need to add the real life teams that your players are in. To do this go to "Manage Real Teams" on the right hand menu.

You can check the members area at for teams and players to import but to add your own select "Add Real Team" and enter

  1. The Team Name ie Manchester United
  2. A Short Name ie MANUTD (used in the selection menu)
  3. The team shirt image - Basic coloured shirts are available in the members area at but you can also design your own and upload here.

Next, click on "Manage Players". Again, you can import a list of players from the members area if there is one available for your league or add each player manually. The fields to enter are:

  1. First name
  2. Last Name
  3. Real Life \Team - From the drop down box.
  4. Cost - In millions ie for a player worth £6 million enter 6.0 and for a player worth £4.5 million enter 4.5
  5. Position - ie Goalkeeper, Midfilder etc from the drop down box. Please double check this before adding the player!

When the fields are correct click "Add" and the player will be entered.

Entering Scores (top)

In the menu click on "Set Player Scores". The current week number is displayed, if you want to go a previous week enter the week number in the box. You can choose whether to view all the Players as a list or if you select "Split all players by teams" you can see all teams individually. Click "Proceed" and you will see a list of all Players. If you are in "By Team" mode you can select each team fro the list at the bottom. You can now sort Players by Name, Position (and Team Name if not in Team mode").

You will see either one or two columns on the right of each Player (depending on whether or not you have enable the Cup League). Enter scores in the relavent column for League and Cup scores. I find it easier to do in "Team Mode" and once the first team's scores have been entered you can click on the next team and the scores will be cached. Once all scores have been entered click on "save changes" and all scores will be saved. You now need to click on "Refresh Scores" at the top right of the menu.

Please note that if you are entering a second set of scores for a Player in a particular week (for example midweek games) then you must adjust enter the total score for the week. ie a Player scores 5 points on Saturday which has already been entered and scores a further 2 points on the Wednesday you will need to enter 7 on the Wednesday, not 2.

Manage Users (top)

Go to the "Manage Users" menu option and from here you can activate, edit, delete and email individual users.

Manage Invoices (top)

Go to "Manage Invoices" on the menu and from here you can view invoices (both paid and outstanding) where users have requested a paid service. You can also manually activate and invoice if PayPal's IPN has not done so automatically.

Sending Emails (top)

You can email your members in bulk by clicking "Send Mail" on the menu. You can choose to mail either All Managers or All Sub Admins (of Mini Leagues).

There are some tags you can use when mailing that will personalise your messages:







So for a member called David Allen who's user name is fantasyplayer and is in the Premiership league, a message sent as:


Just a reminder that your user name is [USERNAME]  and you are playing in the [LEAGUENAME] league.


Site admin.

will be received as

Hi David

Just a reminder that your user name is fantasyplayer and you are playing in the Premiership league.


Site admin.

Manually Advance Game Week (top)

The game runs on a "game week" basis. The game week is set to start on a Saturday and end on a Friday. The system is set to automatically advance the game week at midnight between Friday and Saturday each week. If you need to manually advance a week for any reason, click on "Advance Week
Current Week is XX"

End Season (top)

Once your season has ended you can end the current game by clicking "Finish Season" at the bottom right of the menu. Although there is a prompt and a text input security check, please make sure that your current game has finished prior to clicking this as all scores will be erased.

User Control Panel (top)

Joining the Game (top)

To join the Public League a user clicks on Public League and fills in their details on the form. All fields are mandatory apart from the Phone field. A user can select their own team name, user name and password and the system will notify them if a user name or team name are already in use. An email will be sent to the new member stating their details.

Logging In (top)

Once a member has signed up they can log in to the game by clicking "Log in" from the top menu. If they have forgotten their password that should click on "Forgot password" and enter their username and email address. The password will be re-set and sent out to the user via email. If they have forgotten their user name they should contact you.

Edit your Details

Click on "Edit your details" and from here you can change your user name, email address, password and Team Name etc. Click "Update" when you have finished.

Selecting your Team (top)

Once logged in you will see a list of all teams that have been entered and activated in your league.

Click on "Team Management" on the right hand menu and you will be presented with a pitch with blank player spaces on.

To the left of the pitch is list of all available Players and you can click on each Position to get a list of Players in each position. To choose a player just drag him in to the correct position on the pitch. The system will not allow you put players in the wrong position. If you change your mind and want to change a player either drag the new player on top of the one you want to change or click the X by the side of the player on the pitch.

Each time you add a player you balance will decrease by the value of that player and is shown above the list of players.

If you haven't finished selecting your team but need to log out you can click "Save Changes" and all current selections will be saved for your next visit. When you have selected your team you MUST click "Play!" to activate your team. If activated successfully you will get the following message:

"Thankyou, your team is now live and will become active from next Saturday."

You must now click on "Click To Accept" to submit and activate your team. If successfully activated the Team Management page (the pitch) won't be viewable until your team comes in to play from the next game week (next Saturday).

Making Transfers (top)

You can make transfers according to the season and weekly limits set. To transfer aplayer just drag the new player on top of the old player, making sure you keep within budget. Once you have finished your transfers you must click "Save Changes" and then verify them by clicking the "Click To Accept" button. Any transfers made will come in to effect from the next game week so the latest you should make them is on a Friday to come in to effect from the following day.

Player Statistics (top)

To view Player stats click on the "Players Statistics" option on the menu. From here you can sort players by position, team and name and view total scores and scores for each week.