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Our Fantasy Soccer Web script will allow you to run your own Fantasy Football League.

The idea of the game is for members to join as managers and with a budget that you determine, they can pick a team of 11 real life players from a list that you have chosen and valued. Once real life games have passed you enter scores for these players based on goals scored, goals conceded, red cards, yellow cards etc. The managers that have those players in their teams will gain and lose points accordingly. The league is then updated depending on the managers' teams' points accrued.

Managers have the option, again determined by you, to make a number of transfers over the course of the season.

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  • Unlimited number of managers can enter.
  • Optional Cup League for same teams.
  • Set the budget and transfer limits for the season.
  • Easy to use Flash based interface for picking teams and making transfers.
  • "Team of the Week" Feature
  • You can charge an entrance fee or allow members to join for free.
  • Mini Leagues - Allow members to create their own private mini leagues. You can offer Free Mini Leagues with up to 10 teams and have your adverts shown on all manager pages and also a Paid Mini League with up to 40 teams and no adverts shown once managers are logged in.
  • Easy to use admin panel. Set league/season name, add real players, update scores, set start date, email members etc.
  • Stores historic games/previous leagues for easy retrieval - makes your site a real community.
  • Accept registration payments via PayPal or manually.
  • Make money with Google Adsense Adverts on your site.

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Check the demo here


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